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I met Juliet in the pub as all good health professionals do.

Her wonderful (huge) labrador, George, ambled over through the throng of drinkers & sat on my feet, refusing to budge. I’m not sure why he singled me out.

I took it to be a sign that we should have our own lab, something I had been pestering my husband about for some time. But George did more than that. From that first dog meeting has developed a great friendship & business partnership.

We have always enjoyed working together to help mutual clients overcome their injuries or health challenges & now we are taking that one step further.

Juliet & I have joined forces to bring you ‘Treetop Workshops’.

Yes, coming to a tree house near you……..

  “What Women Want!”

(No, not chocolate….well maybe just a little…..healthy of course)

Held in the beautiful setting of a tree house, nestled in Beaulieu woodland we will be running a series of workshops tackling many of the common health concerns we all face as busy women. Issues such as fatigue, hormonal changes, bone strength, mobility & flexibility whatever your age.

Combining our knowledge of exercise & nutrition (as well as a few added bonuses) we aim to help you take back control & create great health in a practical, natural way. Oh & we’ll have a lot of fun along the way too!

The first of the workshops is coming up shortly and all the details are below:

‘Restore Your Mojo’

On Wednesday 20th June, 6.30-8.30pm

Beaulieu, Hampshire


Feeling fatigued? Like more energy? Constantly rushed? Brain fog?

You are not alone. Research shows that feeling constantly tired is a growing trend. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Imagine jumping out of bed every morning, bursting with energy. Feeling the brain fog lift.Having the get up & go you need to tackle your busy life.

In the first of our workshops we will be showing you some practical ways to boost your energy.

Over the course of the evening you will learn:

  • Exercises to boost circulation, clear the mind & fill your body with get up & go.
  • The top foods to create optimum energy & delicious recipes to make this a doddle.
  • Which foods can zap your strength.
  • How to improve sleep.
  • Breathing & mindfulness techniques to create relaxation & boost vitality.

What’s included in the evening:

  • A rejuvenating Pilates class lead by Juliet.
  • An introduction to how food affects energy levels & how to optimize your diet to boost your energy, lead by me!
  • Tips on how to menu plan.
  • Some ‘nibbles’ to munch on.
  • Relaxation & mindfulness techniques including a relaxing movement class followed by a mindfulness meditation to ensure you leave fully restored & with an extra spring in your step.
  • You will also leave with recipes, menu planners & exercises so you can continue to boost your energy at home.
  • Access to Pre-recorded downloads of the pilates class

If you would like to join our evening workshop in July here’s what to do:

To celebrate the launch of our workshop series we have a special offer for you:

Early bird ticket price: £20 (before 8th July, 2016)

Normal ticket price:     £25  (After 8th July, 2016)

Places are limited so to book your spot please contact Antonia here:


(Your place can only be reserved once full payment has been made.)

Very important: Please do not contact Juliet as she is away (2nd-9th July) & will not be accessing her email.

We are both really looking forward to seeing you.

Oh & back to the original story…..George really did work his magic that evening in the pub because not long after….well it was inevitable really……

Meet Basil!


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