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When Life Throws you Lemons……
When it was first suggested to me that I should try drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning I have to admit I was horrified. I’m a tea girl – always have been. My morning cuppa is quite simply a ritual I wasn’t too keen to change.
However, at that point in my life I was desperate. Desperately seeking the reason as to why I felt so terrible most of the time even though the doctors couldn’t quite put their finger on the problem. It is a common theme & one I hear only too often from clients. So at that point of desperation I started to clean up my diet, try different habits to see if I couldn’t ‘take control of me’ once & for all. It was in this quest that I discovered the idea of lemon water.

Not a mind blowing concept granted, but I was surprised at how deep seated my ‘I can’t start the day without a cup of tea’ belief was! I resisted for a long time. It was then that I started noticing little nudges in the right direction…..there was an article in a glossy mag I was reading at the hairdressers…..a newsletter about lemon water was sent to my inbox……even organic lemons were on sale at the local supermarket! Call it serendipity….law of attraction or just a plain old kick in the pants, I decided that if life was literally going to keep throwing lemons at me then I had better sit up & take action!
I read up a little more & took more interest in the benefits. They seemed pretty compelling, what had I got to lose? So the following morning one lemon was chopped & warm water added. I sat down & took my first sip in trepidation. It wasn’t too bad….in fact, it was quite refreshing…..was I actually enjoying this? The truth is that I really did. I felt more awake & lighter. The more I followed this habit the better it got.
Now I have to admit I still sometimes have my morning cup of English Breakfast & really savour every slurp, but it is always after my morning wake up zesty drink!
If you are reading this & you currently need 3 cups of coffee/tea before you start to feel human in the morning then I challenge you to try this one simple change to your morning routine! Just try it for a week or so, better still a month (the time it takes to really cement a habit into your life). If you are not sure, then the following benefits may help to persuade you:
Lemons are packed with Vitamin C, which as most of you know helps to fight off colds. They also contain lots of potassium which helps stimulate the brain & nervous system (who needs caffeine!) and also helps maintain good blood pressure.
• Weight Loss:
Lemons are high in pectin fibre, which helps to curb hunger pangs. In addition it has been suggested that those who people who have an alkaline diet (see below) are likely to lose more weight faster.
• Balanced body PH:
This will seem strange, but lemons once inside the body are alkaline and an alkaline diet has many health benefits. (coming soon in a blog!)
• Age Defying:
Drinking warm lemon water helps to flush toxins out of the body which helps in keeping the skin fresh & clear. Vitamin C in lemons also helps keep wrinkles at bay – what more could you want to be persuaded!
• Aids Digestion:
The warm water helps to stimulate the movement of the gut & flushes the intestinal tract through.
• Natural Diuretic:
Lemons increase urination, so again it’s goodbye to toxins fast, keeping your urinary tract nice & healthy.
• Hydration:
Naturally, drinking water helps to maintain a good level of hydration in the body which is vital for so many functions of the body. In particular if you are fighting fatigue as I was & your energy levels are as low as they could be, then checking & maintaining a well hydrated body is the first thing you should do.
I hope having read this that you are inspired to give this a go.
The Recipe:
It’s so easy….
• Boil up the kettle
• Leave it to stand until the water is warm then
• Add the warm water to some lemon pieces in a mug.
• To liven it up I sometimes add a couple of slices of ginger – which also has so many natural healing properties it deserves its own blog (Watch this space).
• If initially you find it too sharp rather than add sugar try some natural alternatives like stevia or xylitol (available at health stores & some supermarkets) or a little raw honey.
Please feel free to pass this on to any friends & family that you think may enjoy & benefit from reading this.
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