Adam Hughes

Hair Stylist

I injured myself last year which massively affected my working life and exercise regimen and decided to seek out some help with osteopathy and after only one session with Antonia, was well on the road to recovery! Fixing problems that i never thought were related and have made my life pain free and so much easier.

Antonia has a gentle and caring method of working and is incredible at explaining what she’s doing and making sure you know what is happening throughout the whole treatment. The pre treatment was a very important thing and Antonia was very thorough and understanding. The post treatment care is also incredible, arming me with exercises to do in between sessions and if i get any pain, taking care to pick the right exercises for me and trying lots of stretches to really pinpoint the problem. In short, i’m nearly fixed and i have Antonia to thank in a very short amount of time and at an incredibly reasonable rate!