This sounds more fiddly & long winded than it actually is. I promise you that it will take about 15 minutes. The most difficult bit is remembering to soak the nuts for about 4 hours before. This activates the nuts, which basically means starting the germination process making the nutrients more accessible for digestion & absorption into the body. It also softens the nut making it much easier to process & a lot creamier!

So here we go……


  • Put 150g of cashew nuts that have been soaked for 3-4 hrs, drained & rinsed into a food processor or strong blender.
  • Add 150ml of filtered water. I suggest you add half of this to begin with & then slowly add the rest depending on the consistency you desire. (Less water for making ‘cheese’, more water for making runny sauces, such as chocolate sauce.)
  • Blend well until smooth. (this can take a good few minutes)

And that’s all there is to it!

How to use cashew cream:

This is so versatile that I always have some stashed away in the fridge or freezer that I can call upon.

Some of my favourite ways to use cashew cream are:

  • Herby cashew cream cheese.
  • Mushroom pate
  • Vanilla cream
  • Chocolate custard

All of the above you will find here in the recipe section.

Experiment yourself – anywhere where you would use cream or a silky sauce & play with spices, herbs & different sweetners.