I love food……


Here is another passion of mine!

Eating…….cooking…….family meals……picnics on the beach….travelling to other countries & trying foods from different cultures…….. I think food & the way we eat is so very important.

I am also passionate about health – I have been a health professional for over 10 years, as an Osteopath and in more recent years, as a Nutritional Health Coach too.

I don’t believe that in order to be healthy you have to deprive yourself or eat food that tastes of cardboard. I refuse to compromise on either health or taste – in my eyes they are both essential!

So I am happiest when I am pouring over my cookery books or in the kitchen experimenting with flavours, trying to create well loved favourites packed full of nutrients. Some are successful….some not so, but that’s all part of the fun!

I have always loved food, but it wasn’t until I had a health scare myself that I realised the importance of feeling in control of my own wellbeing, benefiting from the expertise of the professionals around me, but also discovering the wealth of ‘alternatives’ that could help me along the way. The biggest was food and nutrition and so I went in search of further knowledge.

Now I love to share what I have learned with my friends, family and clients.

I combine my skills as an osteopath with my nutritional training to teach people how to naturally build a strong musculoskeletal system, lose weight without deprivation and prevent and treat chronic diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

I now run a busy practice in Hamshire, U.K. and reach other clients further afield via online courses, articles and blogging.